Know About the Benefits of Compact Transfer Substation

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Compact substations are used for energy transformation in secondary distribution network from MV to LV or LV to MV. It is one of the most important equipment of an electricity distribution network. These transformers are combined with their primary and secondary switchgear and distribution boards into compact substations. These transformers are combined with their primary and secondary switchgear and distribution boards into compact substations.

Compact Transformer Substation is used for feeding power form high voltage to low voltage in open cast mines, construction sites, metro cities etc. It is the ideal solution for small or underground spaces such as tunnels and excavations. It is a compact enclosure consisting of MV switchgear, distribution transformer, LV switchboard located in three individual compartments. The compact substation is a global solution with three compartments connected directly. It is a package solution consisting of transformer, MV switchgear and LV feeder.

Prefabricated Substation is building shelters the equipment from environmental influences, thus increasing substation availability and reliability. It is a substation at the end of the medium-voltage distribution network. It is portable power solutions are customized, prefabricated high-voltage substations that help save time and money both in temporary and permanent. The substation is assembled on a self-supporting transformer skid or trailer, creating an easily transportable design that can be quickly energized.

The substations designed to address all transformer substation applications for public or private distribution. The substation is power distribution equipment designed with varying voltages ranging from low to high with broad market prospects. The prefabricated substation are independently developed and produced by our company. The prefabricated substations transformation box panels approved panel monolithic prefabricated substations for photovoltaic wind farms.

Pad Mounted Transformer are compact power centres for utility, commercial or industrial applications. It is a ground-mounted utility distribution transformer, which usually is housed in a locked metal cabinet, situated on a small concrete. The transformers are compact power centres for commercial or Industrial applications where safety, reliability and aesthetics. The transformers designed to pro- vide the features, performance and aesthetics needed for modern underground residential applications. The pad-mounted transformer is designed to protect environmental hazards.